• Udemy Business Content Subscription Program

    This article outlines the Udemy Business content subscription program and how instructors can make their courses eligible for inclusion.

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    What is Udemy Business?

    Udemy Business is Udemy’s B2B (business to business) learning solution. The Udemy Business program empowers organizations to address their biggest workforce challenges, by engaging employees in skills training and development using Udemy courses.

    Udemy Business offers a subscription package of thousands of Udemy courses, chosen for their quality and relevance to a business audience. Instructors included in Udemy Business benefit from unique brand visibility in front of a new business audience, and also gain an additional revenue stream.

    For more information on Udemy Business, and how you can enroll in the program, please read below.

    How can instructors get involved with Udemy Business?

    Opt-In: Make sure you have opted into the Udemy Business Content Subscription marketing program so that your courses are eligible for inclusion. You can enroll in the program on your promotional agreements page.

    More information is provided in the Promotions Policy.

    Please note: 

    • As a means to highlight the uniquely valuable collection of courses on Udemy Business and to reach a wider business audience, any content that is available on Udemy Business must be hosted exclusively on Udemy while it’s in the Udemy Business content collection. 
    • This policy does not apply to any content you’ve made available on your websites or to any separate offerings like in-person trainings, books, etc. 
    • You can mark a single course as in violation of the exclusivity terms and ineligible for inclusion in the Udemy Business content collection, by filling out the eligibility form found in your course settings.

    How does Udemy Business decide which courses are selected for the program?

    Udemy Business uses several criteria to determine which courses are added to the collection. First, instructors must opt into the Udemy Business program for their courses to be considered. Next, Udemy Business sees a lot of value in using the power of the marketplace to assist with course selection. One of the primary ways the Udemy Business team chooses courses is based on student feedback, which is measured through recent course ratings. They then select the highest-rated courses for the collection.

    The Udemy Business team also considers factors such as the course content’s demand with Udemy Business customers, and their overall content strategy.

    How does the revenue share work for the Udemy Business program? How is it reported on instructor revenue reports?

    Learn how instructors earn revenue from Udemy Business.

    Instructor revenue from the Udemy Business program is added to the revenue report differently than other purchases. Udemy Business revenue is added in the first week of the following month under the Udemy Business tab on your revenue report. 

    For example, Udemy Business revenue for January would appear during the first week of February in your January revenue report.

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  • How do I Earn Revenue From Udemy Business?

    Udemy Business is a fast-growing, subscription-based enterprise learning solution, offering a curated selection of thousands of Udemy’s top-rated courses to leading organizations around the world. Thousands of companies leverage Udemy Business to engage employees in learning from the freshest, highest-quality content on the market.

    Please note that if your course(s) are added to the Udemy Business content collection, you may begin to see new students in your student list with a Udemy Business tag (see below).


    Udemy Business Revenue Calculation

    On Udemy Business, instructors are compensated based on learner engagement. This differs from the Udemy marketplace model, where instructors are compensated based on course purchases.

    Each month, Udemy allocates 25% of monthly subscription revenue from Udemy Business customers as the instructor revenue pool. Each instructor's share of this amount is equal to their share of the total minutes consumed across all Udemy Business courses. For example, if 3% of all consumption in Udemy Business courses for a given month occurred in your courses, you'd receive 3% of the Udemy Business instructor revenue pool for that month. 

    Consumption is calculated as minutes spent watching videos or actively using on-site interactive learning tools like practice tests, quizzes, or coding exercises. It includes re-watched minutes and minutes consumed using the mobile-only offline viewing feature.

    While the total instructor revenue pool has consistently grown over time, fluctuations in your courses' relative share of consumption will also factor into the revenue you earn from Udemy Business each month.

    Labs and assessments in Udemy Business Pro are paid outside of the Udemy Business revenue pool.

    Payment schedule

    Generally speaking, Udemy Business revenue is added after 7 business days of the following month under the Udemy Business tab on your revenue report. For example, your Udemy Business revenue for the month of January would appear in your January revenue report, after 7 business days have elapsed in February.




    For courses with multiple instructors, revenue will be divided amongst co-instructors according to the revenue share active at the time of calculation/reporting. Each instructor's earnings will appear in their individual revenue report.

    Payments for Personal Plan (individual subscription pilot)

    Instructors are compensated for participation in Personal Plan via the same calculation as Udemy Business, as described above. 

    Revenue from Personal Plan will appear on the main revenue report with the label "Individual subscription." Currently, revenue from Personal Plan will appear as a lump sum, rather than being broken out by individual content asset.

    Personal Plan revenue will be posted a few days before it’s paid out, approximately 30 days after the close of the month, in which the relevant consumption took place. For example, September earnings from Personal Plan will appear in the September statement around the first week of November and will be paid out shortly after.

    Annual subscription payments are included as part of monthly instructor revenue calculations. A prorated portion of each subscriber's annual total is added to the instructor revenue pool each month. 

    Personal Plan enrollments via instructor coupons and referral links 

    If an instructor’s coupon or referral link leads to a new subscription sign-up and payment rather than a course purchase, that instructor will receive a bonus. Instructors can see these amounts reflected in the Revenue Report with the label "Subscriber Signup Payment." 

    Learn more about Personal Plan enrollments via instructor coupons and referral links.

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  • How to opt out of Udemy Business

    Udemy Business is Udemy’s B2B (business to business) learning solution, which features a collection of thousands of courses from the Udemy.com marketplace. This article outlines how instructors who are currently opted in to the Udemy Business program can opt out of the program, or identify courses that do not meet exclusivity requirements for inclusion. 

    How to opt out of the Udemy Business Program

    If you wish to opt out of the Udemy Business program, navigate to your promotional agreements preferences and remove the checkmark from the Udemy Business Content Subscription opt-in box.

    If you currently have content included in the program, Udemy will cease to offer your course(s) as a part of the Udemy Business collection within twelve (12) months of your opting out. This enables us to provide sufficient notice regarding these content updates to Udemy Business customers.

    After up to twelve months, your course(s) will no longer be offered to new Udemy Business customers as part of the Udemy Business collection. But, any Udemy Business user who enrolled in your course(s) while they were included in the Udemy Business collection, will continue to have access to the content, for as long as their company remains a paying Udemy Business customer.

    For detailed information on terminating your participation in the Udemy Business program, please refer to your promotional agreements page.


    Marking individual courses as ineligible

    Instructors enrolled in the Udemy Business program can also mark a single course as ineligible for inclusion in the Udemy Business content collection, by filling out the eligibility form found in the course settings. The settings can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon at the top right-hand corner of the course page.

    More information regarding Udemy Business exclusivity is available in the Promotions Policy.

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  • The Instructor Partner Program for Udemy Business Instructors

    The Instructor Partner Program is an official program for Udemy Business instructors to partner more closely with Udemy and other motivated instructors. The program provides participating instructors with access to expanded technical support, special networking events, potential new marketing opportunities, and more.  

    Instructor Partners are expected to dedicate at least 1-2 hours per month to actively participating in the program events and feedback loops, in addition to routine course maintenance. 

    How can instructors qualify for the program?

    To qualify for the Instructor Partner Program, instructors must meet the following requirements:

    • High course rating: Maintain an average instructor rating of 4.4+ or higher (to be reviewed every 6 months)
    • Udemy Business Impact: Have at least three courses that are currently included in the Udemy Business collection.
    • Content freshness: Have published at least one new course or made updates to existing courses in the past 90 days 
    • Policy compliance: Are in compliance with our legal terms and trust and safety policies.

    How to apply for the Instructor Partner Program

    Applications are accepted and reviewed every six months, and the application cycles generally begin in June and December, respectively. Instructors who believe they qualify for this program are invited to complete the Instructor Partner Program interest form to be notified when the application re-opens. Please note that program capacity is limited and not all instructors who qualify will be admitted. For more details on the Instructor Partner Program, please visit our Teaching Center FAQ.

    Learn more about the Udemy Business content subscription program, and how instructors can make their courses eligible for inclusion. 

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