• Course Instructors and Teaching Assistants

    Udemy instructors work hard to provide students with high quality courses and compelling learning experiences. Depending on the course, it may have more than one instructor, as well as teaching assistants to help answer questions you may have.


    Udemy courses are created and overseen by experts in their respective fields. You can see who the instructors are for a course, and review information about them, by scrolling down to the “About The Instructor” section on the course landing page.

    For information on how to send an instructor a message directly, please click here.

    Teaching Assistants

    Instructors can also add teaching assistants to their courses, who can help them with their course materials and respond to student questions in the Q&A.

    Even though a Teaching Assistant’s profile may not appear on the course landing page, they are also experts in the course subject, and can provide accurate answers to your questions.



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  • Udemy Platforms and Features

    One of the great things about learning on Udemy is that you can access your courses from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop / laptop, Android app, iOS app, and Apple TV app.

    Course Features by Platform

    The table below outlines which course features are available on which platform. For features listed as "No", it indicates that these items are not supported at the moment. If you'd like to make a request for these features to be added, however, please contact Udemy Support.

    Features Available Udemy.com Mobile Site Android App iOS  App  Apple TV App
    Video Lectures
    Audio Lectures
    Text Lectures  
    Close Captions √ (if added to a course) √ (if added to a course)  √ (if added to a course)  √ (if added to a course)   
    Coding Exercises        
    Supplementary Resources    
    Download Lectures √(if enabled by instructor)    
    Download Certificates of Completion      
    Q&A (read and post questions)  
    Post Reviews    
    See Reviews (Only the course rating score in aggregate is visible)
    View Instructor Announcements  
    Promo Videos
    Send Direct Messages (ie: contact instructor directly)      
    Search by Category
    Search Marketplace and Enrol in Courses      

    For more information on our mobile apps, please click here. To learn more about the Apple TV, then please click here.

    Payment Options by Platform

    The payment and refund options available to you can vary, depending on what platform you’re accessing Udemy with. 

    The table below outlines the payment and refund options that are available on each respective, Udemy platform.

      Udemy.com Mobile Web Android App iOS App Apple TV App
    Payment Options


    Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, and Paypal

    Udemy Credits


    Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, and Paypal

    Udemy Credits

    Google Pay iTunes iTunes
    Refunds can be Processed via Udemy    

    Instructor Features

    The table below outlines which Udemy platforms instructors can use to access the courses they’ve built, and edit the course content.
      Udemy.com Mobile Web Android App iOS App Apple TV
    Instructor Course Management Tools      

    If you have any other questions regarding Udemy's platforms and features, please contact Udemy Support.
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  • Terms Update FAQs

    Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions related to our update to our Terms of Service Privacy Policy, and Instructor Terms. If you have any additional questions, you can contact our Support team.

    When are these Terms effective? 

    These Terms are effective immediately for first-time users on or after August 2, 2016. Existing users will be asked to agree to the updated Terms no later than August 19, 2016, at which time the Terms will become effective for them.

    What will happen August 19, 2016?

    Existing customers will be asked to accept or decline the updated Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Instructor Terms starting August 2. After August 19 you must agree to the new Terms before you can continue to use Udemy. If you disagree with the new Terms, you will lose access to your courses and the ability to purchase new courses. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties during this process, please email support@udemy.com for assistance. 

    I first registered for my Udemy account on or after August 2, 2016. Which Terms apply to me?

    If you first register for your Udemy account on or after August 2, 2016, you will, upon registration, agree to the new Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Instructor Terms. These new Terms will apply to you immediately.

    I’m an instructor. Where do I learn about what these changes mean for me?

    If you are an instructor, please learn more here.

    We hope that you found this information helpful. Although we’ve highlighted what we believe are the most substantial changes, we encourage you to review the updated Terms.


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  • What is Udemy?

    Udemy is an online marketplace where anyone in the world can take or teach a course on virtually anything. Courses are available whenever you want and from wherever you are. Udemy's mission is to help anyone learn anything. We offer on-demand, affordable courses so that you can fulfill your limitless potential on your own terms, whether it’s for career advancement or personal interest.

    Udemy courses are entirely on-demand which means that you can enroll in the courses that interest you and learn at your own pace. Once you enroll, you have lifetime access. This means that courses never expire.

    If you're not happy with a course, you can even request a full refund within 30 days of purchasing a course.

    If you have any other questions about Udemy, you can contact support by clicking here.

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  • Add a Course to Your Wishlist

    You can add free and paid courses to your wish list to save it for later. This is an easy way to come back to a course when you're ready to enroll.

    Add a Course to Your Wishlist​ From the Course Card

    1. Search or browse for a course
    2. Hover your mouse over the course card
    3. Click the heart to save the course to your wishlist


    Add a Course to Your Wishlist From the Course Landing Page

    The wishlist icon is located above the course details at the top right hand of the page. Click the wishlist button to save it for later.


    Finding Wishlisted Courses

    You can quickly find the courses that were saved to your wishlist.

    1. Click on you profile picture in the top right-hand corner
    2. Click My Wishlist

    You can also get to the wishlist from My Courses

    1. Click My Courses in the header bar
    2. Click the Wishlist tab located next to Learning

    Remove Courses From Wishlist

    To remove a courses from the wishlist, click the red heart located on the course card. The course will disappear from the wishlist.

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  • System Requirements

    You can access your Udemy courses from various devices and platforms, for both PC and Mac desktops / laptops, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. Our system requirements for these follow below.

    Minimum System Requirements

    • The latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE11 for desktop/laptop
    • A broadband connection with a minimum speed of 5Mbit or 800kbps
    • Please note that Flash Player is not required. If you have Adobe Flash Player, we recommend you have the Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22+ plug-in or higher installed.
    PC Specific Requirements
    • Platform: Windows 7 or higher with the latest updates installed
    • Processor: the CPU must be 1.8GHZ or higher
    • RAM: 128MB or more
    • Video Card: at least 64MB of video memory
    • Sound Card: at least 16-bit

    Mac Specific Requirements

    • Platform: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher with the latest updates installed
    • Processor: the CPU must be 1.8GHZ or higher
    • RAM: 128MB or more
    • Video Card: at least 64MB of video memory
    • Sound Card: at least 16-bit 
    Mobile Requirements
    • iOS 9.0 and above
    • Android 4.1 and above

    You can download the Udemy mobile app for iOS or Android devices by clicking here.

    Mobile browsers: Safari on iOS and Browser on Android  

    What Browser am I Using?

    To find out more about your specific system, this site will tell you which browser and OS you're currently using. 

    To watch courses, we recommend using Google Chrome. You can download Chrome for free here.

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  • Preview a Course

    If you're not sure if a course is right for you can start a free preview. From the course landing page, click start Preview This Course under above the course price. You'll be able to preview a handful of lectures selected by the instructor. 


    Remember that Udemy has a 30 day refund policy. If you decide that a course isn't right for you, you're welcome to get a refund within 30 days.

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  • Lifetime Access

    One of the great things about Udemy is that you can login to your account from anywhere, whenever you want, and access your courses easily! We strongly believe that students will benefit from the limitless educational possibilities this feature presents.

    Once you purchase a course, you'll have access for life, provided that your account is in good standing and Udemy continues to have a license to a course.

    You have the freedom to learn at your own pace. Udemy is your academy - learn what you want, when you want.

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  • What Types of Courses do You Offer?

    Udemy is an online education marketplace. Courses on Udemy are broken down into sections consisting of various lectures. This means that there are several lessons within a single course. Udemy instructors can choose how they teach their course, and most include a mix of video, audio, presentations, and documents. To get a sense of what these look like within the course dashboard, check out the lecture icon guide.

    You can take courses across a great breadth of categories, including: business & entrepreneurship, programming, academics, the arts, health & fitness, language, music, technology, games, and more. The opportunities are endless! Since anyone can teach on Udemy, instructors are adding material every day, so be sure to check Udemy often.

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