• How to Access Resources on The Udemy Android App

    Many instructors add supplemental resources to their lectures as a means to enhance the learning experience of the course. These resources can quickly be accessed and viewed on the Udemy Android app.

    How to Access Resources on The Android App

    Please follow these steps to access the resource files on your Android mobile device:

    1. Navigate to the course dashboard

    2. Swipe to the More tab

    3. Tap the Resources section 


    4. You will see a list of the resources files that are available to view. If the resources are PDF files, you can go to step 5 to learn how to download them to your mobile device.


    5. Tap the vertical ellipses in the upper right side of the screen 


    6. Tap Download


    To access the downloaded PDF file outside of the app, please go to Internal storage > Download and open it with your reader program.

    If you're having trouble accessing the file, or if something doesn't look right, please contact the instructor or our support team.


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  • Downloading Courses on Android

    If you plan on being disconnected from the internet, you can save individual lectures, sections, or an entire course for offline viewing on the Android mobile app.  Due to piracy concerns, you can only access a Udemy course within the app, since the downloaded offline content is encrypted. Once the course is fully downloaded, you can go to Ready offline course on the My Courses tab to start learning. 

    Please note:

    • Due to piracy concerns, you can only access a Udemy course within the app, since the downloaded offline content is encrypted. Once the course is fully downloaded, navigate to Ready offline course on the My Courses tab to start learning. 
    • Due to certain platform security measures, some course content that has been downloaded for offline viewing on the mobile app will expire after 30 days. To regain access to the downloaded content, simply connect your mobile device to the internet.
    • Practice activities like quizzes and practice tests, etc. cannot be downloaded and completed offline.

    Download a Single Lecture
    You can download a single lecture from your Android device in a couple of ways:

    1) From the Course Curriculum, tap on the download icon, which appears beside the lecture title.


    2) Go to the lecture, tap the ellipses at the upper-right corner and choose Save for Offline.


    After you download a lecture for offline viewing, the circle icon will turn color. After the lecture has been downloaded, you can watch it an offline setting by tapping the lecture title.

    If you decide to delete the saved lecture, then you can do so by tapping on the download icon. You can also find the Delete Offline content option in the lecture options.

    For more information on how to delete saved lectures from your device, please refer to this article.

    Download a Section for Offline Viewing

    You can also select all the lectures in a particular section for download by tapping the download icon in the section title.


    Download an Entire Course
    If you would like to save an entire course for offline viewing, please follow these steps:

    1) Tap on the grey download icon, which appears near the top of the right-hand side of the course curriculum


    2) Next, tap on Download Course option


    Once the lectures have been downloaded successfully for offline viewing, the grey download icons will turn color. 

    Download the Content to a SD External Card

    If you have an Android device with limited internal storage, you can opt to save the offline content to the external memory card (mircoSD card).

    1. Open the Account tab in the Udemy app
    2. Tap Download options
    3. Toggle on the Download to SD card option
    4. Close the app
    5. Relaunch the app from the Home screen. Moving forward, the download content will be stored in your external SD card



    Steps on how to fix some of the more common issues related to downloading courses on the Udemy mobile app can be read here.

    Mobile Data Usage

    To avoid unexpected data usage, we recommend downloading lectures to your device when it is connected to Wifi:

    On the Android app, please go to Account> Download options > and toggle on the Download via Wi-Fi only option.

    If you play downloaded lectures while your mobile data still is still turned on, the Udemy app will not use mobile data to load the video content. Some mobile data, however, may be used to load certain features in the background (About this course information, QA questions, etc) or initiate some server calls to update the course progress. As such, if you do not want to use any mobile data for the app, be sure to turn off the internet connection completely, or turn off mobile data usage for the Udemy app from the device’s system settings.

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  • Manually Mark a Lecture as Complete on Android Devices

    Video and audio lectures will be automatically marked as complete when the lecture finishes playing. Text and PDF based lectures are automatically marked as complete seconds after the lecture loads.

    Mark the Lecture as Completed

    You can mark a lecture as complete on your Android device by following the steps below:

    1. Click the ellipses in the upper right-hand corner of the course player
    2. Select Mark as Completed



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  • Missing Android App Course Purchases (Google Play)

    If you've tried purchasing a course through Google Play on Udemy’s Android mobile app, but are unable to locate it in your account, this article explains the most common reasons why.

    Which store/payment system were you using?

    Depending on your location, course purchases on the Udemy Android app will be processed by either the Google Play payment system or Udemy’s checkout. 

      • Note: if you’re in a region where courses are sold through Google Play on the Udemy Android app, you will be asked to confirm you wish to use a Google Play payment method to complete your purchase. 
      • If you did not try to purchase a course through Google Play, please review how to find missing courses that were purchased through Udemy’s checkout.

    How to confirm whether your Google Play purchase went through

    Courses that are purchased through Google Play are processed by Google Play’s payment systems and not by Udemy's. If you tried to purchase a Udemy course through Google Play, and don’t see the course on the My learning page or the Archived section, please do the following:

    1. If you paid for the course through Google Play, check to see if you received a receipt from the Google Play platform. 
    2. Please remember to check the email address that is registered for your Google Play account. It may be different from the email address you have registered for your Udemy account. Be sure to check your junk mail folders.
    3. Check that you received an enrollment confirmation email from Udemy for the course. A confirmation email from udemy@email.udemy.com will be sent to the email address registered to your Udemy account.

    Next steps:

    • If you don’t see a confirmation email from Udemy, this could indicate that you purchased the course while logged into Udemy with a different email address or that the purchase was not completed (see below).
    • If you see a charge on your bank statement from Google Play, but have not received a receipt, reach out to Google Play Support.
    • If you did receive a receipt from Google Play, but do not see the course in your account, please contact our Support Team and attach the receipt you received. Our team needs to review the information in the receipt in order to assist you further.  

    Google Play authorization requests

    If you tried to purchase a course through the Android app and see a charge in your banking information, but you did not receive an email receipt, it is likely an authorization request. The payment processor initiates authorization requests to verify the bank will allow it to be authorized. 

    • Authorization requests are not actual charges and will be reversed after the payment processor gets a response from your bank. This process generally takes 1- 14 business days. If the charges do not clear within this timeframe please contact your bank or Google Play

    Incorrect email address for Udemy account

    If the purchase is showing in your banking information and you received a receipt from Google Play, but you haven’t received a confirmation email from Udemy, you may have entered your email address incorrectly when you created your Udemy account. As a result, our system would attempt sending the confirmation email to that address, instead of the correct one. 

    If you believe this has occurred, please contact our Support Team and provide the information that’s requested in the form.

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