This article includes answers to frequently asked questions regarding our partnership with First National Bank (FNB), which allows their customers to enroll in Udemy courses via the eBucks Rewards program!

    What is the eBucks Rewards program and how can I enroll?

    The program is exclusively available to FNB & RMB Private Bank customers who qualify for eBucks Rewards. You can enroll for up to 2 Udemy courses per month, and a total of 6 courses per year, and only pay a R50 activation fee per course. 

    I enrolled in a Udemy course via the eBucks app, but I can’t find my confirmation email What should I do?

    New to Udemy? If you’re new to Udemy, and were prompted to create a Udemy account in the eBucks app, please check the email address that is registered to your eBucks Rewards account. Your confirmation email, with instructions on how to log in and get started on your Udemy course(s), will have been sent there. 

    • Please be sure to check your spam folder as well.

    Already a Udemy learner? If you already had a Udemy account before enrolling in a course through eBucks, please check the email address that is registered to your Udemy account. Your confirmation email for the course(s) will have been delivered to that email address.

    Still can’t find it? If you still can’t locate your confirmation email, please check your eBucks Rewards account to confirm the enrollment went through. You can resend the confirmation email from your account by following these steps in the eBucks app:

    1. Navigate to your Udemy/eBucks Profile
    2. Next, go to My Courses

    3. Here, you can select the course you want to resend the email for

    4. Tap the Resend Confirmation Email button.

    If you’re still unable to locate your confirmation email after attempting to have it resent, please contact FNB directly.

    I think I used Facebook, Google or Apple to sign up to Udemy, and can’t remember what email address is registered to my Udemy account. How can I locate my confirmation email?

    Please review our "How to Check Your Udemy account’s Email Address” article, which includes steps on how you can locate your email address if you signed up using one of those options. 

    How can I enroll in the Udemy course I redeemed on the eBucks app?

    Instructions on how to log into Udemy and access your courses will be delivered to you via your confirmation email (please see above).

    How can I get a refund for the Udemy course I redeemed through eBucks?

    Since Udemy Support does not have access to your eBucks Rewards account, you will need to contact FNB directly regarding your refund request. 

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