• Udemy Instructor Partner Badges: What do Learners Need to Know?

    While searching the Udemy marketplace for courses and reviewing instructor profiles, you may have come across an instructor who has an Instructor Partner badge.  This article outlines what the Instructor Partner badge is, and how you can see which instructors are active in the Instructor Partner program.

    How do instructors receive an Instructor Partner badge?

    The Instructor Partner badge recognizes instructors who are part of Udemy’s Instructor Partner Program. These instructors:

    1. Consistently receive high course ratings from learners
    2. Have published content that has been selected for inclusion in our subscription collections
    3. Keep their course content fresh and relevant by updating it frequently
    4. Adhere to Udemy’s Trust and Safety policies.

    The Instructor Partner Program is an official program for Udemy instructors to partner more closely with Udemy and other instructors to work together in creating a better Udemy. Only instructors who are accepted and active in the Instructor Partner Program will be considered to receive the Instructor Partner badge.

    How can I see whether an instructor has an Instructor Partner badge?

    If an instructor is active in Udemy’s Instructor Partner Program, an Instructor Partner badge will appear by their name on their instructor profile.


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  • Course Instructors and Teaching Assistants

    Udemy instructors work hard to provide students with high quality courses and compelling learning experiences. Depending on the course, it may have more than one instructor, as well as teaching assistants to help answer questions you may have.


    Udemy courses are created and overseen by real-world experts in their respective fields. You can see who the instructors are for a course, and review information about them, by scrolling down to the “Instructor” section on the course landing page.

    Teaching Assistants

    Instructors can also add teaching assistants to their courses, who can help them with their course materials and respond to student questions in the Q&A.

    Even though a Teaching Assistant’s profile may not appear on the course landing page, they are also knowledgeable in the course subject, and can provide accurate answers to your questions.


    Have a question about a course you’re taking? 

    Learn how you can search for answers to your question or ask the instructor.

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