• How to Sign up With Udemy and Log in or out (on a Browser)

    This article explains how you can sign up for Udemy, while accessing Udemy on a desktop or laptop browser, and begin your learning experience today.

    Note: If you’re a Udemy Business learner, steps on how to join or sign in to your account are available in the Udemy Business Help Center.

    Sign up with an email and password

    1. Click Sign Up at the top right of your desktop or laptop browser. Enter your name, your email address, and a unique password.
    2. Select whether you wish to receive promotional emails and recommendations from Udemy. 
    3. Click Sign up.


    Log in with an email and password

    1. On your browser, click Log in at the top right.
    2. Enter the credentials you used to sign up.
    3. Click Log in.

    Log in with Apple, Facebook or Google

    1. If you have previously signed up for Udemy using the Apple, Facebook or Google option, click Log in at the top right of your browser.
    2. Select Continue with Apple, Facebook or Google.
    3. Follow the prompts to complete the sign in process.

    Using multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

    Have you enabled MFA for your account? Learn how to log into your Udemy account while using MFA.

    Do you have access to the email, passwordless authentication option? 

    Learn how to log into Udemy using passwordless authentication.

    Please note:

    • When you sign up using the Apple, Google or Facebook option, no password is created for your Udemy account. If you wish to create a password for your Udemy account and log in with the same email address that’s registered with Apple, Google or Facebook moving forward, please follow the steps outlined in this article. You can access the email address that is registered for your Udemy account in your Account settings.
    • The Google log in option will not work if third-party cookies are disabled on your browser or if you have opted out of third-party cookies through the cookie preference settings on Udemy. If you’re encountering an issue logging in, while trying the Google option, please ensure third-party cookies are enabled. If you do not want to enable third-party cookies, please select a different log in method.

    How to log out of your Udemy account

    If you’re accessing your Udemy account from a public or shared device, be sure to log out of your account when you’re finished studying. 

    1. Move your cursor to your initials or profile image at the top right of the page.
    2. Click Log out in the dropdown menu.



    Having trouble logging in?

    Learn how to troubleshoot login issues.

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  • Udemy Platforms and Features

    You can access your Udemy account on many different devices, including a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. This article explains which Udemy features are available on each platform.

    Course features by platform

     Features are listed in rows and platforms are listed in columns. Items labeled with a checkmark icon () are available on the platform.

    Features Available


    (Desktop or Laptop)

    Mobile Site Android App iOS  App 
    Video Lectures
    Article Lectures
    Video-PDF Mashup Lectures
    Subtitles (if added to a course) (if added to a course)  (if added to a course)  (if added to a course) 
    Coding Exercises      
    Supplementary Resources
    Practice Tests
    Download Certificates of Completion * * * *
    Q&A (read and post questions) * * * *
    Notes * * * *
    Post Reviews  
    See Reviews
    View Instructor Announcements
    Promo Videos
    Direct Message Your Course Instructor** ✓* ✓*    
    Search by Category
    Dark Mode    

    * Feature is not available in free courses

    ** If enabled by the instructor of a paid course

    Personal Plan subscription

    Learn more about Udemy’s Personal Plan subscription.

    Udemy’s mobile apps

    Learn more about Udemy’s mobile apps.

    Payment methods

    Learn more about Udemy’s various payment methods.

    Instructor features

    The table below outlines which Udemy platforms instructors can use to access the courses they’ve built and edit the course content.
      Udemy.com Mobile Web Android App iOS App
    Instructor Course Management Tools    
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  • System Requirements

    You can access your Udemy courses from various devices and platforms, on both PC and Mac desktops/laptops, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. Our system requirements for these follow below.

    Minimum system requirements

    PC specific requirements

    • Platform: Windows 8.1 or higher with the latest updates installed
    • RAM: 4GB or more
    • Video: Graphics output capability
    • Sound: Sound output capability

    Mac specific requirements

    • Platform: Mac OS X 10.12 or higher with the latest updates installed
    • RAM: 4GB or more
    • Video: Graphics output capability
    • Sound: Sound output capability

    Chromebooks or Chrome OS devices

    Please note that Udemy is not supported on Chromebooks or Chrome OS devices.

    Mobile specific requirements

    • iOS 16.0 and above
    • Android 8.0 and above

    The Udemy mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices. Review additional information:

    Please note that the Udemy Android mobile app is not supported on Chromebooks or Chrome OS devices. 

    Mobile browsers: Safari or Chrome on iOS and Chrome on Android. 

    What browser am I using?

    To find out more about your specific system, this site will tell you which browser and OS you're currently using. 

    To watch courses, we recommend using Google Chrome, which you can download for free.

    Encountering issues while watching courses?

    Please review our troubleshooting steps to resolve audio and video issues.


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