• Creating and Editing Your Profile

    Every Udemy account includes a profile page where you can share information about yourself. This article outlines how learners can create and edit their Udemy profile.

    How to Edit Your Profile

    To edit your profile, move your cursor to your initials or profile image at the top right of the page and click on your name in the drop-down menu. If you’re logged into your Udemy account, you can also head to your profile page directly via this link


    To edit your profile bio, simply type in your first and last name, your headline, and what you want your biography to say. Next, click Save at the bottom of the page.


    How to Upload Your Profile Picture

    To upload (or edit) your profile picture, click Photo on the left-hand side of your Profile page. Then choose an image from your computer to upload. Once it’s uploaded, you can crop it, if necessary, and then click Save.


    How  to View Your Profile

    If you wish to see how your profile will appear to other students and instructors, simply click View Public Profile on the left hand side of your Profile page.


    Editing Your Privacy Settings

    You can access your privacy settings, and set whether you wish to have your profile visible to logged in students and instructors on the Privacy page. In addition, you can also set whether you wish to share what courses you’re enrolled in on this page. 

    Only students and instructors who are logged into their Udemy accounts can view another student’s account profile. Profiles of instructors with published courses can be viewed by students and instructors when they are logged in and logged out.

    Your privacy settings can be accessed by clicking on Privacy on the left-hand side of your Profile page. To make your profile or enrolled courses private, simply click on the checkmark beside each option and click Save.

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  • How to Change Your Account’s Email Address (on a Browser)

    This article explains how you change your email login while accessing Udemy on a browser. The article also includes answers to some of the commonly asked questions we receive about changing an account’s email address.

    Important security notes:

    • To further enhance the security of your Udemy account, multifactor authentication (MFA) must be enabled before you can change your account’s email address. The authentication code will be sent to the email address you have registered for your Udemy account. Learn how to enable MFA.
    • If you change your account’s email address, any credit card information you have saved in your account will be deleted. In addition, in order to change your email address you will be prompted to enable

    How to change your account’s email address

    Provided MFA has been enabled for your Udemy account, you can change your account’s email address by following the steps below.

    1. After you log into your Udemy account, via your browser, navigate to your account settings page.
    2. Click the pencil icon beside the email box.
    3. Enter the new email address and your password.
    4. Click Save.



    Frequently asked questions

    How do I change my email address if the edit pencil icon is missing?

    If there is no edit pencil icon beside the email box, this indicates you signed up to Udemy with a Facebook, Google or Apple account. When you sign up using those options no password is created for your Udemy account. 

    If you wish to create a password for your Udemy account and log in with the same email address that’s registered with Apple, Google or Facebook, please follow the steps to change your password.

    When I try to change my email address it says that address is unavailable. Why?

    The “email address is unavailable” banner indicates that the email address is registered to another active account or an account that was recently closed.

    For example, you may have created two accounts by accident. You can follow the steps outlined in this article to reset your password and access the account registered to that email address.

    If you recently closed an account that had that email address registered to it, however, that address may not be available to use with another Udemy account for a period of time. 

    What should I do if I received a notification that my account email has been changed, but I didn’t change it?

    Learn what to do if you believe your account has been compromised.

    How do I change the password for my account?

    Learn how to change or reset the password for your account.

    I’m having trouble logging in. What should I do?
    Learn how to troubleshoot login issues or how you can check which email address is registered to your Udemy account.

    I’m having issues with MFA for my account. What should I do?

    Review steps you can take to resolve common issues regarding Udemy’s MFA feature.

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  • How to Check Your Account’s Email Address or if You Have Additional, Udemy Accounts

    This article includes instructions for how you can check to see what email address is registered to your Udemy account, or if you have created more than one account. The troubleshooting steps below may be helpful if you’re encountering login issues, or if you’re having trouble finding courses you enrolled in.

    How to confirm what email address you have registered with Udemy

    If you’re logged into your Udemy account.

    • If you are logged into your Udemy account, you can check to see what email address you registered by navigating to your account settings page
    • If you’re using the Udemy mobile app, tap Account at the bottom-right of your device’s screen to see your account’s email address.

    Missing course tip: if you recently signed up to Udemy and enrolled in a course, but you didn’t receive a confirmation email, this could indicate an error was made when you entered your email address. 

    • Check the email address that is listed in the Email section of your account settings and carefully review it to make sure no typo was made by mistake when you created your account. 
      • If an error was made, our system would have attempted sending your confirmation email to the incorrect address. Provided the enrollment went through, however, your course should be available in your My Courses page.
      • If your email address was incorrectly entered, you can update your Udemy account’s email address and then log in moving forward with that address.
      • If the email address was incorrectly entered, and the address you want to enter is already assigned to another Udemy account you created, then please submit a merge account request

    Review more troubleshooting steps on how to find your missing course.

    If you’re not logged into your Udemy account

    • Try a password reset: If you can’t remember what email address you used to sign up to Udemy, and therefore, you can’t log in, try resetting your account’s password by entering different email addresses you use. Be sure to check your junk/spam mail folder for your password reset email.
      • If you believe you may have created a Udemy account with an incorrect email address that included a typo, please contact our support team and provide the requested information.
    • Check all your email accounts for confirmation emails from Udemy: when you enroll in a course, a confirmation email from udemy@email.udemy.com is sent to the email address registered to your Udemy account. Be sure to also check your junk/spam mail folder.
      1. Try logging into Udemy using the email address you received the confirmation email in. 
      2. If you can’t remember the password you used to sign up, initiate a password reset for your Udemy account.

    Missing course tip: if you find emails from Udemy in more than one of your email accounts, this could indicate that you have more than one, active, Udemy account. The course you’re looking for could be registered to one of your other accounts. .

    Review more troubleshooting steps on how to find your missing course. 

    Did you create your Udemy account using the Apple, Google or Facebook sign up option? 

    It’s also possible to create a Udemy account using your Apple, Google or Facebook credentials.

    • If you used your Google or Facebook credentials to sign up to Udemy then the email address you have registered for that account will also be listed in your Udemy account settings page.
    • If you used the Apple sign up option, then you will see either your Apple account’s email address in your Udemy account settings page, or a unique, private email address, depending on what you selected during the sign up process.

    Have you discovered you created more than one Udemy account?

    If you determine that you have more than one Udemy account, and would like to merge them, learn how you can submit a merge account request

    Encountering login issues?

    Review troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve common login issues.

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  • Login Alert Notifications

    This article explains what login alert notifications are and when you may receive these emails from Udemy. 

    What are login alert notifications? And when are they sent?

    When our system detects suspicious or inconsistent behavior, there are a few ways our system will respond, including sending an alert notification to confirm if a login was authorized by you. For example, if our system detects a login from a new device, or a login in a new region, Udemy will send you an alert notification to let you know.

    What do the login alert notifications say?

    The emails Udemy sends will come from the no-reply-alert@e.udemymail.com email address, and include a subject line noting that it is a login alert notification. The notification will include what browser and operating system the login was detected on, and the time it happened, according to our systems/records.

    What should you do if you believe your account was accessed by someone else?

    If you receive an alert notification for a login you didn’t initiate, and you suspect your account was accessed by someone else, we strongly recommend changing your password immediately.

    Review additional steps you should take if you believe your account has been compromised.

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  • How to Change Your Language Preferences

    The Udemy site (udemy.com) and mobile app are localized in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish. This article outlines how you can change the language preferences for Udemy.com, your account, the Udemy mobile app, or if required, when reading articles in our Help Center.

    Please note: changing your language preference will not change your account’s country, currency settings or the language of courses in your account.  

    Change your Udemy.com account language when logged in

    You can quickly change your account's language by selecting a different language from your account’s dropdown menu. You can access the dropdown menu by moving your cursor to the top right of the Udemy.com site.  



    Change the language for Udemy.com when not logged in

    If you don’t have a Udemy account yet and wish to change the site’s language, or wish to select a different language while not logged into your account, click the icon at the top right.


    Change the mobile app language 

    The Udemy mobile app language is determined by the language that is set for your mobile device, and not the language that’s set for your Udemy account. Please note, however,  that certain pages accessible in the app are hosted at Udemy.com. In order to view one language uniformly across the platforms, the languages for your mobile device and Udemy account must be the same.

    When a matching translation is not available the app will default to English or, if available, your second language preference.

    Instructions on how to change the language of your mobile device can be viewed here:

    Change the Help Center language

    The Udemy Help Center (support.udemy.com) can be viewed in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.  If your Udemy.com language isn’t supported in the Help Center, the Help Center will appear in English when you navigate to it.

    If you wish to select a different language for the Help Center, however, click on the dropdown menu at the bottom right and make your selection.


    Please note that changing the language setting in our Help Center will not change the language that is set for your Udemy account.

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  • Merging Accounts

    If you've accidentally created two Udemy accounts, we can merge them together for you. In the process, your course progress and purchase history will be transferred. 

    How to request merging accounts

    In order to merge your accounts, we will need to verify that you are the account holder of both accounts. Please initiate the merge account process by submitting a support ticket.

    Please note:

    • private messages and notes will not be transferred when your accounts are merged. Be sure to save any important information you wish to keep before proceeding with the process.
    • merges are permanent and cannot be reversed.
    • merges are limited to one per user.

    Accounts that cannot be merged

    Udemy Business accounts and Udemy marketplace accounts are treated separately and cannot be merged.

    In addition, instructor accounts cannot be merged at this time. Since instructor accounts have unique revenue reports and additional data that's been generated, merging this information with another account cannot be facilitated.

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  • Organizing Your Udemy Courses With Lists

    As you enroll in more-and-more Udemy courses, you may find that you want to organize the courses in your My learning section. By utilizing our Lists feature, you can easily organize your Udemy courses in a variety of ways and plan your learning accordingly. 

    Please note:

    • This article explains the Lists feature for individual course enrollments and may not fully apply to all our product offerings. 
    • Creating and selecting lists is only available while accessing Udemy on a browser and not on the Udemy mobile app.


    By using the Lists feature, you’ll be able to organize courses into lists based on category, projects or learning goals that you create.

    For example, if you’re enrolled in several courses related to web development, you could create a list named "Web Development", and assign related courses to it. 

    How to create a list

    You can create a new list, and assign courses to it, by following these steps:

    1. While accessing Udemy on a browser, click on My learning at the top right of the page.
    2. Click on the vertical ellipses at the top right of the course card.
    3. Move your cursor to Create New List and click on it.
    4. Name the list and add a description.
    5. Click Create.
    6. The course will be assigned to that list.


    Adding courses to existing lists

    You can add courses to lists you've already created by following these steps:

    1. Click on the vertical ellipses at the top right of the course card.
    2. Lists you have created will appear.
    3. Click on the list name you would like the course added to. 

    You can also add a course to multiple lists if you wish, by selecting additional list names, when you click on the course card's vertical ellipses. If a course has been added to a list, a checkmark will appear by the list name. 

    Please note: archived courses cannot be added to existing lists. If you would like to add an archived course to a list, please unarchive the course first


    When you hover your cursor above a course on your My learning page, it will show how many lists the course has been added to.

    Removing a course from a list

    If you wish to remove a course from a list, then please follow these steps:

    1. Click on the vertical ellipses at the top right of the course card.
    2. Click on the list name where the checkmark appears.
    3. The course will be removed from that list.

    Editing or deleting a list

    You can quickly edit a list name and description, or delete it altogether.

    To edit a list name, simply click on the edit pencil icon, which appears beside the list’s title. The option to edit the name or description will appear. To delete the list, click on the garbage can icon that appears beside the edit pencil icon. 

    Please note: deleting a list cannot be undone. The courses that were included in the list, however, will remain active in your account.


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  • Unsubscribe From Udemy or Instructor Notifications

    If you no longer wish to receive certain notifications from Udemy and instructors, you can unsubscribe from them by changing your notification settings.

    You can edit the notification settings for your account by following the steps below:

    1. Move your cursor to your initials or profile image at the top right of the page.
    2. Click Account Settings in the dropdown menu and then Notifications on the left hand-side of the page.
    3. Select the notifications you wish to receive. If you don't wish to receive any promotional emails, however, then click on the box beside Don't send me any promotional emails.
    4. Click Save.


    How to opt-out from specific course notifications

    Many instructors send announcements regarding new lectures and other information relevant to the course. If you do not want to receive these messages from a specific course, you can unsubscribe from the course player.

    Click the ellipses at the top right of the course player, and in the dropdown menu the option to unsubscribe from these announcements will appear.


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  • Closing Your Account

    This article outlines how you can close your Udemy account. If you're having trouble with the site, or if there's anything we can help you with before you close your account, please contact Udemy Support. ​

    Please note that by closing your Udemy account you will lose access to all the courses you’ve enrolled in, including purchased courses.  If a course was purchased within the past 30 days, however, you can request a refund before closing your account.

    For a complete list of the information we collect and how it is used, please refer to our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

    How to Close Your Udemy Account

    1. Sign in to your account.

    2. Move your cursor to your avatar at the top right-hand corner of the page.

    3. Click on your name from the drop down menu to navigate to your Profile page.


    4. Next, click Close Account on the left-hand side and then Close Account on the right.

    5. Enter your password and click Close Account again.


    For instructions on how to close an instructor account please head here.

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