• Create a Course Outline and Receive Feedback

    Once you've created an outline, it's time to get feedback. By sharing your outline you'll receive feedback from both the Udemy Instructor Team as well as from your peers in the instructor community.

    Receiving Feedback on Your Course Outline

    1. Create a course outline in Google Docs by using this template.
    2. Click File > Make a copy to save the template to your Google Drive
    3. When you're ready to share the outline, click Share at the top of the page
    4. Select Anyone with the Link can view:
    5. ​Copy the link to your outline.
    6. Go to Studio U and paste your link into a new comment and ask for feedback on your outline
    7. When you have received feedback and finalized your outline, transfer it to your Udemy account.

    After receiving feedback on your outline, we recommend scripting out your course content.  Check out this section of our How to Create Your Udemy Course course for how.


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  • Become a Premium Instructor and Charge for Your Course

    Anyone can create a free course on Udemy. If you want to charge students a fee for your courses, however, you will need to apply to become a premium instructor. The application is free, and is usually approved within 2 business days.

    Apply to Become a Premium Instructor

    1. Start building a course.
    2. From the Course Roadmap click on Price & Coupons
    3. Click on "here" to complete your premium instructor application



    Complete the Premium Instructor Application

    1. Apply on the premium instructor page under profile settings.
      • ​​Enter your name or company name.
      • Include a 60 character headline, or quick description of your expertise.
      • Write a short bio.
    2. Enter your billing address.
    3. Accept Udemy Terms of Service and choose which promotional programs you would like to participate in.
    4. Currently, PayPal is the only way to pay instructors. Enter the billing address and email address associated with your PayPal account.
    5. Click Save and Continue to submit your application.

    There is no fee to become a premium instructor, but Udemy does keep percentage of each sale depending on the transaction. Click here to learn more about Udemy's revenue share.

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  • Join Studio U

    Studio U is Udemy's online instructor community where you can get help and feedback both from us and hundreds of other instructors. The community consists of a mix of seasoned instructors and incoming newbies, all dedicated to creating the best student learning experience online. Ready to tap into a global network of colleagues just like you? 

    Here’s how to join:

    1. Go to https://teach.udemy.com and click "Create a Course". Add in a preliminary course topic to register as a Udemy instructor!
    2. Submit your Facebook name via this page so that we can link your Udemy account. 
    3. Visit the Studio U group on Facebook and click the "Join Group" button.
    4. Before posting in the group, please you read through our Studio U Code of Conduct so we can ensure all community members are able to use the Studio in a fun and productive way.

    Studio U is an amazing community and we promise it will help you create an awesome course. You can get feedback on your first test video, course outline, course structure, and so much more. We look forward to seeing you there! 

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  • Is There a Course I Can Take on Creating a Udemy Course?

    Yes, there is! It's free and just for you! Go here to enroll.

    This will automatically cover 90% of any questions you might have on creating a course and using the tools involved in creating a course.

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